Ikkyosai takes place every November at the Kunitachi Campus of Hitotsubashi Univeristy.
The tranquil and serene campus as a place of learning is turned into a vibrant area during the three days of the festival!

The 53rd Ikkyosai will be held on the following dates:
Fri. Nov. 18th, 2022 10AM - 5PM
Sat. Nov. 19th, 2022 10AM - 5PM
Sun. Nov. 20th, 2022 10AM - 4PM

This year, Ikkyosai will be held as a hybrid festival, the combination of on-site and online events. We hope that those who come to the campus and those who watch the streaming from home will enjoy the new type of university festival.

How to Enjoy IKKYOSAI?

The 53rd Ikkyosai will be held as “hybrid”, combining on-site and online events. In addition to the projects that are carried out face-to-face on the campus, you can also enjoy some of the projects online through videos and web pages.
Although this festival will be held under many restrictions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, we aim to make the festival more memorable for as many people as possible by combining two forms, on-site and online. We hope those who come to the campus and watch the streaming from home will be united and enjoy this new type of Ikkyosai.

Enjoy Ikkyosai
on campus

  • This year, you can enter Ikkyosai as long as you thoroughly take measures to prevent infectious diseases. You do not have to make a reservation in advance.

  • There is no plan to sell food and drink. We appreciate your cooperation in not eating on the campus.

Enjoy Ikkyosai

  • We offer some projects online for those who cannot come to the campus.

  • For the stage projects, we offer 2 hours-delayed streaming and for other projects, we offer live streaming. If you want more detailed information about how each project will be streamed, please check out the project detailed page which will be released soon.

Recommended Events


Calligraphy Performance(書道パフォーマンス)


Tansei Calligraphy Club(淡成書道会)


November 19 (Sat.)

The long tradition of the Tansei Calligraphy Club performance is finally back! Come and see them wielding their brushes!

Ikkyosai Tea ceremony(一橋祭茶会)


Hitotsubashi Omotesenke Sado Club(一橋大学表千家茶道部)


November 18 (Fri.)
November 19 (Sat.)
November 20 (Sun.)

Why don't you take a break with a green tea and a confectionery? We will be waiting for you.

53rd Ikkyosai Picture Exhibition(一橋大学・津田塾大学写真部 第53回一橋祭写真展)


Hitotsubashi Uni. Tsuda Uni. Picture Club(一橋大学・津田塾大学写真部)


November 18 (Fri.)
November 19 (Sat.)
November 20 (Sun.)

A number of photos taken by the current members and alumni are displayed. Please feel free to have a look.

Musical "Oliver!"(ミュージカル「オリバー!」)


Theater Company WICK(劇団WICK)


November 19 (Sat.)

At the Kanematsu Auditorium, WICK Theater Company will perform a musical play featuring an orphan trying to make his living in 19th-century London, where class barriers were apparent.

Umanite Mini Concert(一橋大学津田塾大学合唱団ユマニテ ミニコンサート)


Hitotsubashi Uni. Tsuda Uni. Choir Yumanite(一橋大学津田塾大学合唱団ユマニテ)


November 19 (Sat.)

We sing pop music and other music arranged for choral use, as well as choral music. Feel free to come and listen!

Don't stop a cappella!


Hitotsubashi Uni. A cappella circle The First Cry(一橋大学アカペラサークル The First Cry)


November 18 (Fri.)
November 19 (Sat.)
November 20 (Sun.)

TFC brings you the a cappella stage 'Don't stop a cappella!' throughout the Ikkyosai!

HITters stage performance(HITters ステージ公演)




November 18 (Fri.)17:10~17:30
November 19 (Sat.)12:25~12:45

We will give you a spectacular performance with psyllium light sticks! Come and see our “stylish” wota-gei, a special Japanese dance performed by fans at concerts.

Hitotsubashi jazz orchestra Big Band Stage(一橋ジャズオケ ビッグバンドステージ)


Hitotsubashi Uni. allstar jazz orchestra(一橋大学オールスタージャズオーケストラ)


November 20 (Sun.)

We will play jazz in a big band arrangement! Feel free to come along!